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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Digital Media and Learning

Digital Media and Learning, founded by the MacArthur Foundation, brings the idea of learning through media into perspective. The article points out how more and more people are leaning though media and technology and how this can be incorporated into schools as well. The article mentions the increased amount of learning done through the internet due to having access to as much information as you want, being able to look up your own interests and more. Incorporating digital media into academics and school life is one of Digital Media and Learning’s goals for the future.

Media is something the majority of teens are familiar with and have access to. As a junior at Priztker College Prep, I believe this would be a successful way of getting more students involved and learning more. Charter schools, having the ability to manage their curriculum, can shape their courses around game-like learning, which will cause a student’s mind to learn while solving “missions or quests.” It’s like taking something teens are already accustomed to and enjoy, and centering it on academics, also making learning a more enjoyable experience.

Getting to experiment with all types of media equipment, with the right focus, in my opinion, would cause students to learn more even when they don’t think they are.

-Elizabeth Martinez, INCS intern

INCS Teacher Job Fair pictures

Here are some pics from INCS' fifth annual Teacher Job Fair.

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