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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Generation INCS: a note from our spring intern

Each year, as part of our internship program, Generation INCS, we recruit one to two charter school students to come to our office a few hours each week to experience working in a nonprofit environment. Some of their responsibilities include:

Assisting advocacy, communications, and school supports teams
Conducting research reviews of national charter reports, and
Updating data and information

Our current intern, Jasmine, graciously allowed us hone some of her technological skills and write a blog for us. Here are her words about her school and her experiences:

My name is Jasmine Lumpkins, I’m a sophomore at Young Women’s Leadership Charter School (YWLCS). I have attended YWLCS for about 2 or 3 years now. At first I couldn’t believe that I actually had to attend an all-girls school. My first impression was that there would be too many girls, and lots of drama. But I quickly came to the conclusion that I was wrong. So far, my experience at YWLCS has been a great opportunity because I get to experience many different things that many other schools don’t offer. YWLCS wants their students to expand their minds, to make and achieve higher goals. I’m glad that YWLCS offered me a chance to gain real work experience with the Career Field Experience program, which is also known as Internship. Without this I wouldn’t have had a chance learn about working with the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, what it’s like to have a job, work with people in an office area, and to learn more about how charter schools work. Now I know that, I can always reflect back on what I can do now that I couldn’t do before.

We're very happy to have Jasmine on board this Spring and appreciate the work she's done for us so far. To learn more about Jasmine's school, check out their YouTube video:

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