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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Governor Quinn

Check out this letter urging Governor Quinn to sign SB 612 into law in order to double the number of charter public schools in Illinois! Thanks to Ms. Yvette Manning, a parent at KIPP Ascend Charter School, for taking the time to write this inspiring letter. For more information on SB 612, you can read the June blog post, "SB 612 Passes."

Dear Governor Quinn,

My name is Yvette Manning and I am a parent of a student that currently attends Kipp Ascend Charter School located on the Westside of Chicago. I am sending this letter on behalf of my son and his fellow classmates and many children in my community that are concern about their education. I would like to first point out the good job that you are doing with our state and secondly want to encourage you on this legislature to provide more charter schools for the state of Illinois. Secondly, to let you know I am very pleased with the charter school system on the many educated benefits that it provides for the children and especially for my son. The experience I have shared with Kipp has been the best that I have seen in years even since I was in school, of which I am to a product of the Chicago public school system. My son has excelled tremendously since he has been attending Kipp, I am very serious when I say tremendously he went from and “F” and “D” student to a “A” and “B” student he started 5th grade at Kipp reading at a 2nd grade level under the “Accelerated Reading Program”, to currently now going into the 6th grade at a 5.5 grade level in reading. As you may know Lauren Henley which is my son’s reading teacher as won “the Best Teacher of the Year Award” from Kipp Ascend Charter School, which the award was well deserved she works very hard to not only identify the students weakness with reading but to help the students develop their strengths that the students did not know they had, she challenge the students to become better readers by making a promise to stay committed and that the students stay committed on reading at least 30 minutes a night and writing a summary about what you read by clarifying and making connections. My son has transformed to a better reader and enjoys her class. Not just only in reading has he excelled, he has excelled in math and has dedicated on working hard on understanding long division with his math teacher whom makes math fun and enjoys teaching it. Kipp has teachers that enjoy what they do and have love for the children and the community in which they serve. Kipp provides positive reactions and motivates the children about College education, it does not stop at High School, which this exposure my son gets about College I wish I had those resources when I was growing up. Kipp Staff believes in their students that they can achieve, “Work Hard. Be Nice” written by Jay Matthews, which is the theme the staff uses to get the kids motivated and disciplined in order to achieve the goals “climbing the Mountain of Success. I encourage you to get the book that Kipp Ascend is based from and take my letter into serious consideration on how this school has changed my son’s life on education and has motivated him to be the best he can be by “Working hard. Being Nice. Please sign the SB 612, so this can be a success story for all the Parents and children in Illinois.

Sincerely yours,
Yvette Manning

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