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Friday, August 7, 2009

Ask Governor Quinn to Restore $3.4 Million in Transition Impact Aid!

As we rallied in the gym of Alain Locke Charter Academy last Thursday, July 30th for Governor Quinn’s momentous education bill signing which included the Charter Reform Act of 2009, everyone was not fully aware that the Illinois State Board of Education cut key funding that provides an incentive for districts to look at how charter public schools could be part of their district. This funding is called transition impact aid.

This aid was created in 2000 to provide districts with funding to offset the initial costs of charter public schools and help the district assess its administrative efficiency. When it was created in 2000, it was suppose to provide the district with 90% of the per pupil dollars that a district provided to a charter school in the first year, 65% in the second year and 35% in the third year. At the time ISBE cut this funding, it was only funded at about 35%.

Please help us bring back this integral funding to help spread innovation throughout the state of Illinois. We are asking Governor Pat Quinn to continue to support school districts in their exploration of charter public schools by funding Transition Impact Aid with his discretionary funds. Please ask the Governor for his support in restoring $3.4 million in Transition Impact Aid TODAY.

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